Who is this extraordinary creature?

In 1992, the world met the 2nd voted most wonderful wonder of the world – Petra. She stole the heart of a nation when she became the most successful and sold child postcard picture in 1997. She has since healed an endless amount of torn parents-and-daughter relationships. Simply by looking at her tiny little sweet Swede face. 

After she learnt how to write, the tiny little sweet Swede face has been published several times in Östernärke's biggest newspaper. At least two people started crying when they read her poem on peace day 2003, which was also written in iambic pentameter. 

She has since continued to slay her way through college, uni and Åkestam Holst. She's now practicing her copywriting skills and hair flips at SCA 2.0.

For an inspiring meeting and fanpic in IRL please contact her manager at petraforsale@gmail.com